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CU Health Plan is pleased to offer this comprehensive family-building benefit.

If you’re ready to build your family, WIN can help

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Family-Building Benefits


Call the CU Health Plan dedicated toll-free number 866-430-6068 to be connected with a WINFertility Service Team Member, Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:30pm MST. Our Service Team will discuss your specific benefits, how to obtain authorizations and answer any questions you may have about access to your particular benefits.

CU Health Plan provides the following benefit:

Fertility Benefit: A 2-cycle lifetime maximum toward certain eligible expenses related to fertility treatment and related fertility medications, to those enrolled in a medical CU Health Plan administered by Anthem BCBS.

Please contact WIN for benefit details and eligibility. You can also learn more about this benefit in the Frequently Asked Questions document.

The Continuity of Care form can be accessed here.

Key highlights of the WINFertility program include the following:

  • 24/7 access to WIN’s Nurse Care Managers for emotional guidance and support
  • Assistance in selecting a high quality, in-network provider or surgical center/care facility based on your individual treatment needs
  • Expertise in understanding complex information and decisions regarding infertility causes, testing, and treatment option success rates and risks
  • Guidance to help increase efficient use of hormonal medications to avoid wastage and the risks of over-stimulation
  • Education on your pharmacy dosing usage, storage, and medication side effects and also assistance in maximizing your infertility medication benefit
  • Access to valuable fertility resources


Login to your Anthem portal and select ‘Care’ from the main navigation menu, then select ‘Find Care’

Win For HIM

A confidential advocacy program specifically tailored to men on their family-building journey.

  • The kit is discreetly delivered to you to deposit your sperm from the comfort of your own home
  • Free overnight shipping of kit back to the lab
  • Once received by the lab, test results available within 24 hours
  • Access to WIN’s Nurse Care Managers to explain semen analysis results, discuss potential medical procedures and answer questions
  • Sperm deposits are securely cryogenically stored until you’re ready to use

Learn More About the Kit
Win For HIM

The Winfertility Companion App

Download the WIN Companion App to take advantage of your benefits on the go!
Beginning July 1, 2022, use CU Health Plan employer code: CUHP22 when creating your account.

Speak with a Nurse Care Manager by phone or video chat
Privately track multiple family-related activities
Set calendar reminders for doctor appointments and other medical events
Get discreet alerts for ovulation tracking
1-Click Nurse Call for 24/7, real-time access to fertility support


Family-Building Solutions

Care, Education and oversight from start to finish.

For more than 20 years, WINFertility has been managing family-building benefits that are delivered with care and support by the highest providers, leading to a patient satisfaction rate of 98.9%. WIN is the largest, most experienced fertility benefit management company in the country.

WIN works with the nation’s leading reproductive endocrinologists as well as the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers to deliver the most effective fertility treatments and cryopreservation. We also partner with surrogacy and adoption agencies to provide referrals for intended parents. From fertility management, including medical treatment pharmacy and reproductive genetics, to adoption and surrogacy, our mission is to help build families by providing access to the best doctors, technology and support.

Through our inclusive family-building programs, WIN provides benefits for all. Learn more about the specific benefits offered by your company, in the family-building tab.

Advocacy & Care Management

Advocacy & Care Management

Throughout the entire family-building process, no matter which path a patient might take, WINFertility provides advocacy and care. In addition to a customer service representative, available to explain the benefit details offered, WIN provides qualified Nurse Care Managers. Our Nurses become the patient’s personal advocate. Each WIN nurse has a minimum of 5 years clinical experience. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to navigate members through every step of their fertility journey, ensuring the highest clinical standards are met throughout the continuum of care.

Fertility Management

Fertility Management

WINFertility specializes in fertility management, offering a comprehensive care management model which combines all aspects of medical and pharmacy infertility care management. Treatment solutions can be delivered using WIN‘s provider network or integrated with an existing health plan. Both models connect patients to the highest quality providers. Our prior authorization program provides dosing management for all fertility related drugs, driving efficiency and cost savings.

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

WINFertility has access to the latest in cutting-edge genetic testing solutions. This comprehensive solution can be offered to WIN Patients, providing medically-appropriate testing for 500+ single gene disorders with 98% accuracy.

Fertility Preservation

Fertility Preservation

With WIN‘s Egg/Sperm Freezing program, eligible members will receive education on the process, assistance with selecting an in-network provider and guidance on medication usage, storage and side effects. WIN manages every individual cycle, ensuring the highest clinical standards are met.



WINFertility’s surrogacy program offers a full range of services, including comprehensive screening of egg or sperm donors and surrogates. Partnering with credentialed and experienced agencies, WIN provides eligible members with access to digital educational content and resources, 1-on-1 coaching about the surrogacy process and what to expect, discounted agency rates, claim processing and access to our Nurse Care Managers throughout the process.



Our adoption services are complete and inclusive. Connecting future parents with experts in the space, we make a complicated and sometimes overwhelming process simple and full of hope. Through our strategic partnerships, WIN offers eligible employees access to our Nurse Care Managers throughout the adoption process for education and support, claim processing, digital content and resources about the adoption process and types of adoption, and 1-on-1 coaching throughout the adoption journey.

Reproductive Behavioral Health

Reproductive Behavioral Health

WIN‘s comprehensive behavioral health program offers emotional support to patients and their spouses/partners on a family-building journey. Decreasing stress and improving overall well­being through evidence-based techniques, this service puts the patient’s mental health first. Our reproductive behavioral health program decreases patient treatment termination and increases pregnancy rates.

Male Factor Infertility Support

Male Factor Infertility Support

WIN for HIM, WIN‘s clinical advocacy program specifically tailored to men on their family-building journey, includes an at home semen analysis kit, powered by Dadi, along with education and support. Patients using WIN for HIM will have access to a WIN Nurse Care Manager to review kit results and discuss potential treatments. In addition, all WIN for HIM patients will have access to WIN‘s reproductive behavioral health tea m as well as access to our network of highly credentialed fertility specialists for any necessary treatment.

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